DQS-UL CFS joins Sedex Audit Company Group

DQS-UL CFS joins Sedex Audit Company Group

We are glad to announce that DQS CFS has been admitted to the Sedex Audit Company Group, the group of audit companies visibly included in the Sedex system. Our admission to the Sedex Audit Company Group means that DQS CFS will now perform ethical audits on a worldwide scale, thereby contributing to the fight for safe and humane working conditions.

Because an increasing amount of companies expect their suppliers to participate in the Sedex system, the demand for Sedex audits is growing rapidly. As part of the Sedex Audit Company Group, DQS CFS has the necessary in-house expertise to guide you through this process. Do you have questions about the procedure? Do not hesitate to contact us.

The Sedex system is an online database which allows members to store, share and report information about ethical and responsible practices in their supply chain. Although Sedex does not enforce its own standard, it encourages members to have their companies assessed according to the ETI code, developed by the Ethical Trading Initiative. The code focuses upon safety and human rights for workers, and bans child labour, (semi-)slavery, and discrimination.

The main advantage for registered members is that suppliers and buyers can do business in the knowledge that their business partners operate in a socially responsible fashion. The Sedex system thus creates trust based upon transparency.

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Dr. Thijs Willaert is Communications Manager at DQS-UL CFS GmbH

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