News from Bangalore: UL DQS India proudly announces GC-Mark

News from Bangalore: UL DQS India proudly announces GC-Mark

Joyful tidings from the Indian subcontinent: UL DQS India has officially launched the GC-Mark for the Indian market. With an announcement on their brand-new website, the Indian team has kicked off a campaign to establish the GC-Mark as a sign of excellence.

Dr. K Murugan, CEO

Dr. K Murugan, CEO

As detailed in a previous blog post, a GC-Mark is a seal or label that indicates that a product, service or organization fulfills a number of relevant requirements. Over forty different quality labels enable companies and organizations to highlight their strengths and to gain consumer trust. Earlier this year, the GC-Mark program was initiated by DQS CFS, with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

“The GC Mark highlights the strengths of an organization and informs customers and stakeholders of the company’s prowess. Consumers at the end of the day need to trust the products and services available for them and our objective in initiating the certification is to gain this trust of consumers.” said Dr. K Murugan, Managing Director & CEO of UL DQS India.

The news was quickly picked up by the national press, who brought this service to the attention of the general public. To be continued!

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