And the first Green Hotel in Germany is …

And the first Green Hotel in Germany is …

515018 Parkhotel Bad Homburg… the Parkhotel in Bad Homburg. A thorough inspection by qualified DQS auditors revealed that the Parkhotel can be seen as a model in terms of environmental management. Whether in terms of energy use, water management, emissions or procurement, the hotel obtained an excellent score. For its efforts, the Parkhotel has now been rewarded with the GC-Mark “Green Hotel”.

During the last few years, the Parkhotel management had already taken a number of measures to improve its environmental performance. Inspection schedules have been put in place to prevent water leaks, radiators can be controlled from distance, and the hotel attempts to purchase local products whenever possible. As far as energy is concerned, the hotel generates its own electricity through a CHP plant. Any remaining power is distributed through the main grid, which thus reduces the need to generate electricity through fossil fuel and coal. The result is an overall reduction of greenhouse gases.

With the Green Hotel label and certificate, the hotel will now be able to reap the fruit of these investments. Hotel guests can rest assured: the Parkhotel really is a green destination.

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About the Author

Dr. Thijs Willaert is Communications Manager at DQS-UL CFS GmbH