The Fairway Golf & Spa Resort obtains GC-Mark “Excellent Business Hotel”

The Fairway Golf & Spa Resort obtains GC-Mark “Excellent Business Hotel”

In an age where customers have grown increasingly demanding, good is no longer good enough. Visitors expect hotels to be clean, safe and sustainable; and rightly so. It is with this mantra in mind that certification giant DQS South Africa worked closely with the Fairway Hotel, towards certification in Service & Business Excellence. The hotel is the Flagship hotel of the Guvon group and is the first hotel in South Africa and Africa to achieve the prestigious certification.

Fairway_ÜbergabeThe Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort recently completed the GC-Mark assessment process and can already see the positive changes internally and throughout all areas of operations. On receiving the certificate, Hotel Manager Christopher Trimble said:

“We have always prided ourselves in constant delivery of quality service to all guests, but going through this process, we have gained further focus and an additional set of tools to ensure the smooth and satisfactory running of the hotel.”

— Christopher Trimble, Hotel Manager

The Fairway hotel, situated on the Randpark Golf Course, is close to the city centre of Johannesburg and is ideally located for conferences, weddings and leisure. The luxury development overlooks and also uses the famous Randpark Golf Course. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Fairway Hotel was the proud host of the Brazilian Soccer Team.

DQS South Africa CEO Francois Labuschagne points out that the GC Mark for Excellent Business Hotels is based on the foundation of ISO 9001:2008 and principles of ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, with built-in Risk Management and Prevention focus. The assessment also covers parts of DIN ISO 10002: Customer Satisfaction & complaint handling.

“It is important for guests to book a hotel with confidence, in the knowledge that any hotel with the GC-Mark can deliver the required service in an orderly, process driven and systemic manner,” says Labuschagne.

Amanda Ross, the lead assessor during the certification process, added; ‘Within the hotel industry your people are an inherent part of the business, they can turn a pleasant stay into a fabulous stay, they make the memories that safeguard returning guests. When an Excellence Hotel has the ability to maintain a good level of management and staff retention due to working conditions, when employees have a say in how systems can be improved, then they are motivated and empowered, which eventually makes a big difference for the guests.”

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Dr. Thijs Willaert is Communications Manager at DQS-UL CFS GmbH