Brand Evaluation Audit

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Brand Evaluation AuditBrand consistency is a key factor to establish customer loyalty. DQS offers custom-made audit programs to ensure that your brand performs consistently and uniformly, regardless of location.

Process descriptions, compliance protocols, technical standards and codes of conduct are useful tools to create a uniform level of performance across franchises, across stores, and across different regions. A brand audit verifies whether the specified processes and requirements are being adhered to at all times, thus ensuring consistency and uniformity.

DQS has the experience and the know-how to evaluate and validate compliance with brand-specific requirements, whether the brand is franchised or managed centrally.

As a certification and inspection body, DQS has both the methodological audit competence and the technical knowledge to evaluate quality, service, hygiene, sustainability and safety.

Did you know that DQS also validates monetary brand valuations, according to ISO 10668? Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Brand Audits:

Through the years of experience and high levels of monetary investments, the company’s branding and name recognition are among its greatest assets. The value of the parent company, of existing franchisees and the value of potential franchisees are dependent upon the ability to protect the reputation of the brand.

By assuring that the brand standards, guidelines and processes are being adhered to, a brand audit mitigates risk and strengthens the brand as a single, coherent and consistent unit.


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