GC-Mark Blue Planet – Energy Efficient Company

Blue Planet – Energy Efficient Company

An organization that cannot control its energy consumption cannot control its future.

The EU is aiming for a 20% cut in Europe’s annual primary energy consumption by 2020. The Commission has proposed several measures to increase efficiency at all stages of the energy chain: generation, transformation, distribution and final consumption. Manufacturing is a large and extremely diverse energy-consuming sector. Implementing effective energy management systems helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This is not only beneficial to the planet, but also to profitability.

An independent assessment, carried out by qualified DQS auditors, confirms that your company has taken appropriate measures to reduce its energy consumption. After a successful assessment, the GC-Mark can be used to strengthen your corporate image among all stakeholders: unlike traditional standards such as ISO 14001 and 50001, the relevance and meaning of the GC-Mark are intuitively understandable for the general public.

The GC-Mark “Blue Planet”:

    • Focuses upon energy saving, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy
    • Builds upon ISO 50001
    • Includes an on-site assessment, during which DQS auditors identify potential for improvement

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