Rules of impartiality

Rules of impartiality
In accordance with the policy of DQS Holding.

DQS offices worldwide must ensure the impartiality of their certification activities.
– Assist in the development of policies related to the impartiality of certification activities.
– Counteract any tendency to allow commercial or other considerations that impede the consistent
objective provision of certification activities.
– Advise on matters that affect trust in certification, including openness and public perception.
– Carry out a review, at least once a year, of the impartiality of the audit, certification and decision-
making processes.

At DQS Chile SPA. We are strictly committed to impartiality and we understand that it is an
essential element when carrying out a management system certification activities, we avoid
conflicts of interest and we ensure the objectivity of our management system certification
activities. Any potential conflict of interest is managed to ensure the objectivity of all certification